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Thursday, January 15, 2004

* coffee break over. Wife says I'm dressed like a pirate today :) Or Michael J Fox from Back to the Future. I can't wait until our debts are paid down and I can get a new wardrobe.
* Sliced and marinated the brisket for beef jerky (see Dietrich's Jerky Recipe Found that salt has no shelf life unless its seasoned salt
* Fixed wife omlet
- I love to cook!

Dietrich's Jerky Recipe
note: In college I think I used to pride myself on never actually letting anyone "get to close." I had tons of friends but I made myself feel as if I was not close to anyone. In reality, I had more close friends than most people probably accumulate in their lives. Dietrich was a close friend with some great outdoors skills. Also introduced me to Oakley sunglasses...thanks for the expensive habit :)

recipe: Get a cut of brisket from the store with as little fat as possible. Cut into strips. For chewy jerky cut against the grain (my preferred method) or for less chewy jerky cut with the grain. [I recommend doing this by hand to appreciate the art but after a few times get the butcher to machine cut it. You'll end up with more fat but its less work. I personally find the cutting an enjoyable and relaxing.] In a tupperware dish or baking dish lay the strips out and sprinle lightly with garlic powder, and kosher salt. Marinate in Dale's Steak Seasoning for as long as you like. I usually do it overnight. Then dehydrate. Method 1: oven. Cover your bottom rack with aluminum foil. Clean the middle rack then lay your strips of marinated brisket over the rack. Put the oven on the lowest possible setting and dry the meat for 14 hours. Method 2: Using a dehydrater, dry the meat for 8 hours (give or take depending on the dehydrater and your preference--the jerky can be over dried and is horrible when it is). Just like the old cowboys you now have a preserved meat that does not need refrigeration, is tasty, and filling. Enjoy!

Warning: It's habit forming!

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