Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Marketing to Teens Affects Their Attitudes

Take a look at the most recent PBTeen (PotteryBarn) catalog cover:
PB Teen Catalog Cover - Party The guy is "mixing drinks" (alcohol reference) behind a bar. The bar is labeled "chill" with a bottle that looks distinctly like a "beer." The standing girl actually just looks like she is having a good time. The sitting girl is "beating her bongos" and is strategically placed so that she looks almost naked.

The poses are very intentional as the real catalog has slight differences than this online version and a forth person has either been photoshopped into the picture or was present for this alternative picture. The differences are very subtle so these exact poses are what the catalog wanted to present.

The party message and the necessity of "alcohol" or drugs to "chill" and "sex" to have fun are very clear. I know that sounds "paranoid parent" but its intended to be more of a pure criticism of their marketing approach.