Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some get married by Elvis...Then there is Ye Ol' Tyme Photo Boothe...

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Time flies by so quickly. We find our ruts, our routines and our habits.

I want to point out this picture again because it is a favorite of mine and when I posted it this past Thursday I failed to mention that it is one of the only two wedding photos that Cathy and I have.

Cathy and I were married at Gatlinburg's Ye Ol' Tyme Photo Boothe. After I proposed, we couldn't wait. We both had already done the church wedding before. We had the marriage license. And everything felt right. Noah was too young to understand. Tommy would not have understood. But Sarah needed to be included so she was brought along. In hindsight perhaps Noah should have gone too.

We triple checked the legality of the Gatlinburg wedding chapels and drove on up. I forget how we decided which one to use but we certainly chose a fun one. We perused different styles of attire and finally arrived at the image we desired. We slipped into the clothing which was then velcro'd behind our backs. The sleeves were rolled up and secured for an appropriate look. We slipped into a back room where the proprietor performed the ceremony and pronounced us married. Then we went to the front of the store and had our pictures made and with copies for the extended family we pranced out into the real world to begin a most wonderful life together!